The live stream and recording of the concert will be available here for those who have bought their ticket and signed in.

Buy a ticket

Buy a ticket on LiveStage front page.

Once you’ve bought the ticket, you will receive log-in codes. Using those, you will be able to sign in to the livestream or recording also with another device or at a later point.

Watch the performance

After you have bought your ticket, return to this webpage. You will be able to watch the upcoming live performance or recording (for one to two weeks, depending on the ticket you bought).

If you bought your ticket at a previous point, log in first. You’ll find your log-in codes in your e-mail.

Enjoy the concert

You’ll see the event once you refresh this page.

If you can’t see the webpage or you want to follow the performance on another device, check your e-mail for instrunctions and for the codes to sign-in.

Have you previously wachted LiveStage perfomances?

It’s best if you first sign in and only after that buy a ticket. You’ll find your log-in codes in the e-mail you received from when you redeemed your first ticket. If need be, you can get a new password through this link.